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Riverpark Weight Loss is Coaching Patients to Success

At Riverpark Weight Loss, we believe in a full-circle approach to weight loss. Not only can we jump start your weight loss process, but we invest in you for the long-term. Our new ReShape Weight Loss procedure includes one-on-one coaching to help you keep the weight off.

ReShape combines the portion-controlling benefits of the balloons with comprehensive coaching to change your eating habits, enhance your physical fitness, and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term success. While the balloons are inside your stomach, you will meet (monthly) with coaches and receive personalized nutrition, fitness, and behavior guidance to help maximize your success. After the balloons are removed, you will continue to meet with your coaching team to make sure that you maintain your healthy lifestyle to reach your goals. With ongoing coaching support, most patients maintain their weight loss or continue to lose weight.

Patients also have access to the ReShape Patient Portal, a comprehensive tool that has everything you need to track your success. The portal includes: weight logging, food logging, activity tracking, goal setting, articles and recipes, community forums, important reminders, and the ability to easily share data with your doctor.

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